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Tienzen’s family

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 1:24 pm
by karen

Left: Tyler (son of my daughter Gloria), Right: Alex (daughter of my son, Aaron) holding her sister.


Front-left: Henry (youngest son), Front-right: Jason (the second son), Left: Gloria (daughter, holding her son, Tyler), Right: Aaron, his wife and two daughters


From left: Author (about in 1990), Gwen, Andrew (oldest son), Gloria (daughter), front left (Henry, youngest son), front right (Jason, 2nd son)

My granddaughter Alanis singing a song from Frozen (click for the video)

Another Alanis video

Re: Tienzen’s family

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:20 pm
by karen
龔 天 任 [Tienzen (Jeh-Tween) Gong] 博 士 是 世 界 聞 名 的 物 理 學 家. 他 的 物 理 著 作 及 論 文 , 都 由 HEP (高 能 物 理) 在 Stanford University (史 丹 佛 大 學) 的 資 料 庫 登 錄. 請 查 閱 下 網 頁, Book (Super Unified Theory) at,+jeh+tween and Prequark Chromodynamics (at,+j+t )

Also see, Quantum Physics and Beyond (Linguistics Manifesto: Higgs Boson, a bad idea, part eight at ... part-eight )

龔 博 士 的 著 作 更 廣 為 世 界 各 大 學 收 藏. 請 查 WorldCat (the world's largest library catalog) 網 頁.
1. “Super Unified Theory” --- ... ef_results

2. “The divine constitution” ---

3. “Truth, faith, and life” ---

4. “Linguistics manifesto” --- ... ef_results

5. “Chinese etymology” --- ... /318075862

6. 中文的字根與文法: 天馬行空的漢語 (Chinese word roots and Grammar) ... ef_results and ... ef_results

7. The Great Vindications (沉冤大白 : 為 "紅樓夢" 與 "漢語文" 平冤) ... ef_results

Note: The book “The divine constitution” was reviewed by Dr. S M Modell (see, ... ef_results ) which is published by "Blackwell Publishing" (see, ... ef_results ). This review is available at 1161 university-libraries. The actual review is also available at .

His online book “The Final TOE (Theory of Everything)” is archived by the ZJ University of China (see ).

Listed in Google Book:

1. 中文的字根與文法: 天馬行空的漢語 ... CDgQ6AEwAQ

2. Chinese Etymology (中文字根圖例) ... 5JAQAAIAAJ

3. Linguistics Manifesto ... CE4Q6AEwBA

4. The Divine Constitution ... CDcQ6AEwAA

5. Super unified theory: the foundations of science ... CDkQ6AEwAA

6. Truth, Faith and Life: I Understand, Therefore, I Worship ... CD4Q6AEwAQ

7. The Great Vindications (沉冤大白 : 為 "紅樓夢" 與 "漢語文" 平冤) ... CB4Q6AEwAA

Other links:

奇人、奇遇、奇學 ( )

台灣新生報 【記者邱兆衡特稿】 ( ... 24833.html )

Learn Chinese Help ( ... ords-root/ )

From Library of Congress ( )

Comment from Adam ( )

Open Library ( ... _etymology )

「道 德 經」(Tao Te Ching) translation:

‘西廂記’: 漢語 文法 大全 pdf, available at

Prebabel. wiki at ... ossible%3F

龔 博 士 受 邀 參 加 國 宴 及 講 學 等.




更 多 的 資 料 及 圖 片, 請 點 擊 下 址. small-story/more-tienzen-s-friends-t157.html

Re: Tienzen’s family

PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 9:15 am
by Tienzen