The new era of learning Chinese language

The new era of learning Chinese language

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Chinese written language was and still is viewed as one of the most difficult language to learn in the world. Please read the article “Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard?” at http://chineselanguageetymology.blogspo ... -hard.html

The reason that Chinese written language is so damn hard is because that the Chinese words are viewed as ad hoc and chaotic without any logic. The followings are some accounts about this view.

1. Dr. F.S.C. Northrop was one of the greatest Sinologist in the recent time. In his book, The Meeting of East and West -- an Inquiry Concerning World Understanding (The Macmillan Company, 1968 by Dr. F.S.C. Northrop),he gave a verdict on Chinese character system with the following two points.
a.Chinese written language (Chinese words): Denotative and solitary -- no logical ordering or connection the one with the other.
b. The consequence of such a language: No chance of any kind to formulate scientific, philosophical and theological objects.
Dr. Northrop's view was supported by 胡 適 (Hu Shih, ) and 林 語 堂 (Lin Yu Tang, ) who were the two greatest Chinese philologists in the modern time.

2. 魯 迅 (lǔ xùn, the greatest Chinese linguist, ) wrote, 漢 字 不 廢, 中 國 必 亡 (without abandoning Chinese character system, China will surely vanish).
錢 玄 同 (Qian_Xuantong, ), one of the greatest Chinese philologist in 1930s, even promoted the replacement of Chinese with Esperanto.

Yet, a new era arrived in 2006 when the book “Chinese Word Roots and Grammar” (US copyright # TX 6-514-465) was published. Then, the book “Chinese Etymology” (US copyright # TX 6-917-909) was published in 2008.

With this new discovery, a world record of learning Chinese written language with only 90 days was set in June 17, 2008. The detail of this case study is available at

Now, this new Chinese etymology is highly accepted worldwide. Thus, this “Chinese Language Forum” is launched on May 30, 2011 as a place for people to discuss this new way of learning Chinese written language.
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