A question on Self-study

A question on Self-study

Postby votusa » Sat Jun 04, 2011 12:44 pm

I have received a copy of your book Chinese Etymology as an interlibrary transfer from the Yale University Library. My desire is to study your book. However, I am only allowed a very short time before having to return the book. I noticed the website addresses at the bottom of the pages of the book and was able to view both the preface and introduction on line as well as read it in the book I have borrowed.

Unfortunately, the links to the rest of the chapters are not working. Are they still available for viewing online, and if so, can you provide me with correct web addresses for them? Your help would be greatly appreciated. I am most sincere in my desire to learn your methodology and would be very willing to write a review stating my success after completing the program. I have two other colleagues that are interested in doing the same and they would also be willing to write reviews once they have completed the program.
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