"Pay for the bill" in Chinese

"Pay for the bill" in Chinese

Postby annasui » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:18 pm

Years ago, when people wanted to pay the bill, “算账 (suànzhàng)” was the popular phrase, but now “买单 (mǎidān),” originating from Cantonese, has taken over as the commonplace term.
Jīntiān wǒ mǎidān, dàjiā jǐnguǎn chī ba.
今天 我 买单,大家 尽管 吃 吧。
I’ll pay for the bill today, just enjoy yourselves.

Beside that, people also use “算账 (suànzhàng)” as a term for getting revenge or sorting somebody out.
Nǐ zhècì rě lǎobǎn shēngqì, tā yídìng huì zhǎo nǐ suànzhàng de.
你 这次 惹 老板 生气,他 一定 会 找 你 算账 的。
You really made the boss angry this time; he’ll sort you out for sure.
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